For Diamond Social Feed


Step-by-step tutorial for getting YouTube Api Key to integrate YouTube data into your Diamond Social Feed

1. Select a project

Go to the Google APIs page https://console.developers.google.com/apis/library. Log in and press Select a project

YouTube Api Key 1

2. Init a new project creation

Press NEW PROJECT button to init the process of creating a new project

YouTube Api Key 2

3. Create project

Choose your project name and click on CREATE button

YouTube Api Key 3

4. Find YouTube Data API v3

Scroll down and find YouTube Data API v3 link. Click on it

YouTube Api Key 4

5. Enable YouTube Data API v3

Press ENABLE button

YouTube Api Key 5

6. Create credentials


YouTube Api Key 6

7. Add credentials

Choose the select option YouTube Data API v3 for the first select option and Web server(e.g. node js. Tomcat) for the second selection. Then choose Public data. Now click the blue button, What credentials do I need?

YouTube Api Key 7

8. Save YouTube Api Key

Well done! Now you can use your YouTube Api Key to display YouTube videos in your Diamond Social Feed

YouTube Api Key 8