For Diamond Social Feed


Step-by-step tutorial for getting Vimeo Access Token to integrate Vimeo videos into your Diamond Social Feed

1. Log In

Open https://developer.vimeo.com/apps/ page and Log In if needed

Vimeo Access Token 1

2. Create App

Click on Create App button

Vimeo Access Token 2

3. Fill required fields

Add your App name and App description. Then choose "No. The only Vimeo accounts that will have access to the app are my own" option and check "I agree that my application does not violate the Vimeo API License Agreement or the Vimeo Terms of Service". Finally press Create App button

Vimeo Access Token 3

4. Find Token generation section

Click on Generate Access Token link on sidebar menu

Vimeo Access Token 4

5. Generate Access Token

Click on Generate button

Vimeo Access Token 5

6. Save Vimeo Access Token

Well done! Now you can use your Vimeo Access Token to display Vimeo videos in your Diamond Social Feed

Vimeo Access Token 6